Buena Vista Picnic


On Saturday, August 15th, families from the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park gathered with local activists at Mitchell Park to celebrate the next step in preserving economic diversity and protecting low-income housing options in Palo Alto.  More than 100 youth living at Buena Vista attend PAUSD schools and would be displaced if these families lose their homes.  Buena Vista students make up 30% of the population at Barron Park Elementary School.  My colleague Camille Townsend and I drafted a letter of support on behalf of these students in May of 2013, which was signed by the full School Board and read aloud at a City Council meeting.  The picnic was in celebration of receiving $14.5 million in housing dollars from Santa Clara County, matched by $14.5 million from the City of Palo Alto, and sponsored by Caritas, a non-profit organization willing to make an offer to buy the Mobile Home Park.  More hurdles to follow, but it's important to celebrate steps towards a successful resolution for the 450 individuals and families living in our community.  It was a fun afternoon of delicious food and great conversations.       

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