Elected Officials


Joe Simitian, Santa Clara County Supervisor

Heidi brings absolutely the right mix of skills, training and experience to the School Board -- a trained educator with kids in the district, plus years of good work in the community. I'm for Heidi.


Rich Gordon, California State Assembly, District 24

Heidi Emberling has been an outstanding leader on the school board.  She has been a champion for our children, always making decisions based on their best interests.  Our children, our schools, and our community are the better because of her service.  I am proud to endorse her for re-election.


Jerry Hill, California State Senate, District 13

I enthusiastically support Heidi Emberling's re-election to the PAUSD Board of Trustees. Heidi is a diligent and dedicated board member and educator. She is a thoughtful decision-maker whose first priority is improving outcomes for every student. Please join me in supporting Heidi Emberling.


Liz Kniss, Palo Alto City Councilmember

I enthusiastically support Heidi for re-election to the PAUSD School Board.  She is a thoughtful, informed trustee who understands the district's challenges and opportunities, and consistently advocates for what's best for students, teachers, and families.


Marc Berman, Palo Alto City Councilmember

As a proven leader and educational advocate, Heidi has the expertise, knowledge, and dedication to continue to serve our school district well.  I wholeheartedly support her re-election.


Melissa Baten Caswell, Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District

Heidi is a key contributor to the PAUSD School Board. She is an engaged parent and thoughtful educational professional.Her commitment to all of our students, passion about early childhood education, and focus on developing objective processes have been critical for many policy setting discussions. I endorse her reelection to the board, and value her diligence and careful reflection on issues and tradeoffs..


Terry Godfrey, Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District

I value Heidi's perspective as an educator and her thoughtful and deliberate style. She's a trusted colleague that I enthusiastically support for reelection.


Camille Townsend, Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District

As my colleague, and as a highly engaged board member, education professional, connected district parent, and tireless advocate, Heidi has been extremely important in moving Palo Alto Unified School District forward in its excellence as one of the world’s premier public schools. Heidi has my vote.


Dana Tom, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District

I was fortunate to have Heidi as a colleague on the school board. Her perspective as an educator and her concern for students were evident in all her contributions. She balanced the academic and social/emotional needs of our students when setting priorities for our district.


Community Organizations

Santa Clara County Democratic Party



Endorsed by The Campanile, a Palo Alto High School News Publication



Community Leaders

Stacey Ashlund, Former Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission
Bern Beecham, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Nana Chancellor, Co-Chair, Measure A Campaign (School Parcel Tax)
James Cook, Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission
Peter Drekmeier, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Tom DuBois, Palo Alto City Council
Elspeth Farmer, California Democratic Party, National Democratic Committee
Adrian Fine, Palo Alto Planning and Transportation Commission
Megan Swezey Fogarty, Tall Tree Award Recipient
Jonathan Foster, Former Palo Alto Utilities Advisory Commission
Walt Hays, Chair, Sustainable Schools Committee
Kirsten Keith, Mayor Pro Tem, Menlo Park City Council
Sharon Keplinger, Former PAUSD Principal, Early Education Programs
Barbara Klausner, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Abbie Knopper, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission
Gary Kremen, Board Member, Santa Clara Valley Water District
Cathy Kroymann, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Stephen Levy, City of Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan 2030 Committee
Sally Lieber, Former California State Assembly
Mandy Lowell, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Alisa MacAvoy, Board President, Redwood City School District
Grace Mah, Member, Santa Clara County Board of Education
Laura Martinez, Trustee, Sequoia Union High School District
Shelly Masur, Redwood City Council
Don McDougall, Palo Alto Library Advisory Commission
Barb Mitchell, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Vic Ojakian, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Gail Price, Former Palo Alto City Council and Trustee
Keith Reckdahl, Palo Alto Parks and Recreation Commission
Diane Reklis, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Greg Scharff, Palo Alto Vice-Mayor
Nancy Shepherd, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Greg Tanaka, Palo Alto Plannng and Transportation Commission
Carolyn Tucher, Former Trustee, Palo Alto Unified School District
Susan Usman, Former PTA Council President
Ellen Wheeler, Trustee, Mountain View Whisman School District
Lanie Wheeler, Former Palo Alto Mayor
Cory Wolbach, Palo Alto City Council
Lisa Yarbrough-Gauthier, East Palo Alto City Councilmember

Community Supporters

Stephanie Agnew
Emily Almaer
Sara Armstrong
Kristen Andersen
Donette and Dan Arlie
Jill Asher
Amy Balsom
Annie Bedichek
Teresa Bell-Stephens
Barbara Best
Laurie Beyer
Gayatri Bhaskar
Lois Blank
Ellen Bob
Sonya Bradski
Farah Brelvi
Katherine Brouchoud
Isabelle Cole
Carol Corcoran
Kerah Cottrell
Susan Crane
Carolyn Curtis
Cleia Dantas
Amy Darling
Vicky Dempsey
Jennifer DiBrienza
Elizabeth Dougherty
Eileen Dunn
Glynn Edwards
Pat Einfalt
Steve and Pat Emslie
Lara Ephron
Becky Epstein
Andrea Cook Fleming
Catherine Crystal Foster
Regina Franco
Sheila French
Linda Fresco
Stephanie Frick
Karen Friedland-Brown
Amy Friedman
Khurshid Gandhi
Elizabeth Gardner
Susan Gray
Charu Gupta
Ward Hanson
Kristine Hendrickson
Lillian Hom
Ken Horowitz
Keith Hunter
Darcy Huston and Jim Pflasterer
Sarah Jacobson
Stephen Jaeger and Yaso Natkunam
Lauren Janov and Mark Grossman
Kerri Jung
Natasha Kachenko
Sally Kadifa
Nancy Kawakita
Jon Klein
Elina Koretsky
Nancy Krop
Roberta Lamanda
Anne Sanchez Lawer
Tita Lehot
Evan Lurie
Mimi Lyons
Lisa Marcacci
Emer Martin
Stephanie Martinson
Leslie Matlof
Aoife Maynard
Brennen and Meghan McKenzie
Leisa McNeese
Erin Tuomy Mershon
Rachel Miller
Sharon Murphy
Dana Nelson
Melanie Norall
Greta Gize Olbrich
Bill Overton
Erica Pelavin
Sigrid Pinsky
Janey Pratt
Brian and Suzanne Quo
Stacey Quo
Melissa and David Racz
Bruce and Sharon Richmond
Diane and Joe Rolfe
Mark and Kirsten Romer
Elaine Rose
Karen and Steve Ross
Rachel Samoff
Sarah Sands
Shuchi Sarkar
Kinga Sarmasi
Harvey Schloss
Tais Schmitt
Rebecca Scholl
Jen Schultz
Holly Shah
Barbara Shufro
Ruth-Anne Siegel
Dilshad Simons
Alice Smith
Barbara Spreng
Amy and Will Steadman
Cara Stoneburner
Srinivasan Subramanian
Doris Suh
Elaine Uang
Prerana Vaidya
Cathy Vieara
Pamela Wagner
Roger Warnke
Paolo Werbrouch
Julie Williams
Jacqueline Wong
Louise Yeung
Aisha Zakariya
Mila Zelkha

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