Escondido Tasting Week

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On Monday, Oct. 6th, I was invited to attend Escondido Elementary's Tasting Week Demo with Chef Christy Wolf, a Chef at Sur La Table and a PAUSD parent of children at Escondido, Jordan, and Paly.  The kids enjoyed delicious, homemade salad and dressing and a fruit yogurt dip on some unusual choices such as dragonfruit and guava.  Tasting Week founder and PAUSD parent Rebecca Scholl-Barbier stopped by to check it out, as did several dozen hungry Escondido students.  Tasting Week is an international celebration of tastes from many of the diverse cultures and backgrounds represented throughout the Bay Area.  Your school may have had a visit from a guest Chef, or may have dined on an "A to Z" salad bar provided by the PAUSD Student Nutrition Department.


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