First Day of School 2013

Welcome back!  I've been touring the school campuses, visiting classrooms and greeting families, and it's wonderful to see the excitement of the kids as they get back into the school routine.  I visited Gunn and enjoyed the creativity of the seniors as they embodied the "Hospital of Horrors" senior theme.  Paly seniors all wear camo clothing on the first day, so they too were easy to spot.  New Paly Principal (and former Paly Assistant Principal) Kim Diorio is thrilled to be at the helm and both staff and parents shared their enthusiasm for her appointment.

I also toured the new buildings at Gunn, which are stunning, and here's a photo of Dr. Skelly leading us (and Assemblymember Rich Gordon) in a tour of the new Paly media arts building, to be completed early next year.  Construction was fierce all summer long, and it shows.  Our new buildings shine, and the construction continues!  On a personal note, my daughter is entering 5th grade this year and I can't believe it's our last year of elementary school.  My son continues in 7th grade this year at Terman, where we are excited about our new Principal, Pier Angeli La Place, former teacher and Asst. Principal at JLS.  Hope the new year begins well for all of you!


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