Here are the PAUSD School Board Focused Goals for the 2015-2016 Academic Year:

1. To assure that every student's individual educational experience is engaging, challenging, purposeful, and ensures mastery of academic standards, the district will provide faculty and site leadership with the supports for designing, implementing, and evaluating teaching methods that will deepen conceptual knowledge, understanding, and applications for every child.  (Innovation and Differentiation in Teaching)

2. Ensuring all students have consistent and equitable opportunities and access to high quality educational programs and services aligned with PAUSD's vision and Strategic Plan, the district will foster conditions providing a coherent district approach for aligning course curriculum frameworks, grading practices, homework expectations, project and testing schedules, and summative assessment instruments. (High Quality, Fairness across Courses)

3. To meet the unique educational needs of every student, site and district leadership will coordinate the collection, analysis, and use of formative assessment data and other information in developing and modifying instructional methods and materials. (Strategic Use of Data)

4. To raise the achievement of historically underrepresented (HUR) students, increase participation and success in rigorous classes at the secondary level, and both realize and maximize their full intellectual, social, and creative potential, the district will assure equity of preparation, access, opportunity, and support from Pre-K to grade 12 and implement essential recommendations of the Minority Achievement and Talent Development (MATD) Advisory Committee with fidelity. (Decrease Achievement and Opportunity Gap)

5. To manage and plan for projected enrollment growth and to foster conditions for current and future family connections to our schools, the district will develop a strategic enrollment management plan consistent with planning standards and community values in Board policy. (Enrollment Growth)

6. To promote safe and welcoming schools and to assure the social, emotional, and physical health of our students and staff, the district will develop and implement a comprehensive system for monitoring, supporting, and improving the social, emotional, and physical learning and working environments at every site.  (Safe and Welcoming Schools)