AP testing errors lead to retakes and ice cream

IceCream1.jpg  IceCream3.jpg  IceCream2.jpg

Nearly 900 Advanced Placement (AP) exams had to be re-taken this week because the school discovered seating irregularities and test distribution errors.  As soon as the school realized the errors, they were reported to the College Board, who invalidated the original exams.  This was a nightmare for students, teachers, and administrators and sparked an investigation, which will result in a report to the School Board for how to ensure this will not happen in the future.  Many Gunn High School teachers are being flexible with end-of-year projects and exams, in order to accommodate the stress of the re-takes.  Our students were understandably shocked and dismayed to have to re-take their AP exams, but handled the situation with grace, strength, and resilience.  I headed over to the high school on Thursday afternoon with some of my Board colleagues to serve Rick's Ice Cream, a small and tasty token of our support.     


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