Heidi's Priorities

My top priority is making sure every student in our district receives the highest quality education and leaves high school with the confidence, skills, and knowledge to thrive in college and beyond.  We need to provide educational experiences that meet the diverse needs of our students, focusing not only on academic achievement, but also on building skills that promote a healthy, balanced life.  

Innovations in Teaching and Learning:

We must continue to invest in innovative ways to connect, engage, and support our students in learning.  I support creating smaller schools within a school, which we have piloted by adding transition programs to high school, and "pathways" in fields such as social justice, engineering, computer science, sports management, child development, and biomedical science.  We've piloted flipped classrooms, maker spaces, and a new Advanced Authentic Research program.  We've introduced Teacher's College Reader's and Writer's Workshops and will pilot new math curricula in our elementary schools this year.  My goal is to increase student engagement and positive connection to school. 

Youth Health and Well-Being:

I am working hard to strengthen our district health and wellness initiatives.  In response to Palo Alto’s devastating suicide cluster, we invited the CDC to come to our community and conduct an Epi-Aid study, which analyzes risk factors, protective factors, and best practices around youth health and well-being.  I also supported the change in our high schools to a less stressful block schedule, the elimination of early classes, and an increase in our counseling and mental health specialists. I support a district wellness team, more nurses for our elementary schools, and the creation of a committee to evaluate social and emotional learning curricula across our district.  Our school climates should be safe, warm, and welcoming for students, teachers, and families.  

Investing in Teachers:

We must invest in our most important classroom resource, our amazing teachers.  These are talented, hard-working individuals who have the power to guide, inspire, and connect with our students every day.  I’m proud to have voted to create a $5 million teacher professional development fund, promoting a culture of continuous learning not only for our students, but for our faculty as well.  We are facing a national teacher shortage and we must remain competitive in order to recruit, mentor, support, evaluate, and retain our high-quality teaching force.

I believe my background and experience have prepared me well to serve on the Palo Alto School Board.  If you agree, I invite you to get involved with the re-election campaign.  Endorse me, make a donation, take a lawn sign or volunteer to walk a precinct.  

Thank you so much for your support!  





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