CSBA Master's In Governance

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On Friday, Feb. 6th and Saturday, Feb. 7th, 2015, I began the California School Boards Association's Master's in Governance program.  This is a year-long program with the goal of creating more effective governing boards in school districts around the state.  My courses included "Foundations of Effective Governance," "Setting Direction," "Student Learning & Achievement," and "Policy and Judicial Review."  We discussed the complexities of serving as part of a Local Education Agency (LEA), including moving from the "I" role of a campaign, to the "We" role of a unified Board of Education.  Board Members must strive to keep student learning and achievement at the forefront of every Board discussion and decision.  A favorite quote from the weekend, "The behavior that is modeled by the leadership profoundly shapes the culture of the organization."    



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