City of Palo Alto Comprehensive Plan 2030 Update


With Palo Alto Mayor Karen Holman at the City's Comp Plan Summit

Share your views!!  The City of Palo Alto has begun the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan, which is a document required under California law to guide cities and counties in planning future development and growth.  The seven sections (or "elements") within the plan are: Land Use & Community Design, Transportation, Housing, Natural Environment (includes Open Space, Conservation, Safety, and Noise), Community Services & Facilities, Business & Economics, and Governance.  This plan will guide our city through 2030, so it is important that citizens have a chance to participate in its development.  To that end, the City of Palo Alto created a Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) and I am serving as the PAUSD Representative to the Committee.  We meet monthly and each month we discuss a different element of the plan.  Our first meeting was in July, to present an overview of the process.  On August 11th, we will be looking at the Community Services & Facilities element. 

The City has made it relatively easy for citizens to share your views using a tool called "Peak Democracy."  Go online to the Comp Plan website and read the relatively simple instructions for where to post your comments.  CLICK HERE for the link to the Digital Commenter.  Each month, a new element will become active.  Right now, you can only comment on Community Services & Facilities. 

If you would like to read more generally about the Comp Plan Update process, CLICK HERE for the overview.  Our CAC meetings are generally the third Tuesday of the month from 5:30pm-8:30pm at the Mitchell Park Library - Midtown Room.  Feel free to join us anytime.  (Our Sept. meeting will actually be on the 8th, but then we move to the third Thursdays.)   

Feel free to send me your comments directly, although it will be more effective to post them on the Digital Commenter tool so everyone on the committee can benefit from your ideas.  I will write a short blurb about the Comp Plan Update in my monthly School Board newsletters, which begin again next month with the start of the 2015-2016 School Year.


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