PAUSD Summer School Visit

BPSummerSchool.jpg  BP_SummerSchool2.jpg

In June, I had the pleasure of visiting Barron Park to see PAUSD Summer School in action.  Principal Arcia Dorosti and Summer School Coordinator Dr. Kara Rosenberg gave me a tour of the wonderful elementary school programs and projects going on this summer.  Innovative teaching practices based on the "engineering design process" are embedded in every class, whether intervention or enrichment.  (See "Makerspace" classroom photo above for creativity in action!)  The students and teachers are actively engaged and excited for the project-based learning going on in every classroom.  About 400 elementary students are enrolled at Barron Park and Escondido, 180 middle students are enrolled at Terman, and about 700 high school student (session 1) and 500 high school students (session 2) are enrolled at Gunn. 


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