Unity Day 2015

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On October 21, 2015, Mayor Karen Holman and I joined Hoover Elementary for their Unity Day celebration.  The students each made paper links, which joined together to represent the entire community coming together towards inclusion, tolerance, and efforts to prevent bullying behaviors.  The Hoover Librarian read the book, "Bully" with the kinders, and the kids discussed what it means to be an "upstander" in the school community.

I then journeyed over to Barron Park and Duveneck, to see more community-wide conversations about creating strong schools.  At Barron Park, I joined Principal Anne Brown and District Administrators Dr. Holly Wade and Brenda Carrillo.  And at Duveneck, I met Christina Schmidt, one of the passionate parents who brought Unity Day to our PAUSD district. Several local firefighters drove the big fire truck over to support students as well.  Love this district-wide effort to celebrate diversity, inclusion, and bullying prevention efforts!   

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