Visiting Tamalpais Union High School District's Wellness Program

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On Friday, January 8, 2016, I was fortunate to be included in a district site visit to Redwood High School's Wellness Program in the Tamalpais Union High School District.  Senior Director of Student Services (and former PAUSD Administrator) Wes Cedros took us on a tour of their new wellness center and spoke about the process of creating a comprehensive wellness program throughout the school (and district).  Wellness Director Jessica Colvin shared her thoughts about how the health and well-being of students is equally important to their academic success.  Our group consisted of school psychologists, our district social worker, a district nurse, our Directors of Student Services, and a secondary assistant Principal--all folks who focus on the social and emotional health of our students.  It was exciting to see what positive changes a coordinated effort can achieve.  Looking forward to our Board discussions about wellness, beginning in February.   


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